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Ye Horseshoe Inn

Whitby, Egton, North Yorkshire

Deep in the heart of Glaisedale, Ye Old Horseshoe is a stone built 17th century former coaching hostelry. Over the years, the pub , reports claim, as being haunted by a witch or witches that manifest on the first floor. There is an old witch post in the ceiling of the bar, which was discovered in 1981. This would explain them manifesting on the first floor since the ground floor would have been protected by that device. During the 17th and 18th centuries, many North Yorkshire pubs, farmers and local residents erected X-shaped pieces carved from rowan wood, ‘witch posts’. To increase its power, a crooked sixpence was inserted in a hole at the centre of the post. Egton, from Old English Egetune, the farm of a man called Ecga, was granted a Royal Charter in 1269 to hold an annual fair, which continues to the present.