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Poachers Barn

Osgodsby Lane, Osgodby, North Yorkshire, Scarborough

The unusual village name may be from the days of the Vikings, as it is from Old Scandinavian, Asgautr. The Poachers Barn is a fine stone built pub. Over the years, it has gathered a bevy of ghosts within its building, including poltergeists. For example, there is Old Fred’s Chair where, whenever a person sits on it, strange matters have occurred. A recent proprietor, Mrs Gawthorpe, said she had been sitting in this chair when nuts in a bag flew from her hands. She tried to hold the top of the bag tight. However, on two further occasions, they were thrown from her. A customer, who had seen, th, people have claimed, Old Fred’s ghost was being naughty. Mrs Gawthorpe went on to say that on one Christmas Day, she was filming her six-year-old son, Jake, on her mobile phone. When she re-ran the footage, she noticed a white orb moving around his head. She said, “There was a big white ball, which soars from the Christmas tree, flies in front of his face, with then off the screen.” A television company was invited to investigate the pub’s ghosts, accompanied by a psychic medium. They reported a great deal of ghostly banging noises on camera. Footsteps have been detected following people, with pictures taken from their secured position on walls.