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Golden Lion

Golden Lion Bank, Whitby, North Yorkshire

This pub is in one of quaint ghauts of Whitby. It has history from 1714. Possibly, it is on an earlier inn or tavern. The word ‘ghaut’ was brought to Whitby by sailors, who had picked it up from the Hindi ‘ghat’ a narrow passage, usually in mountains. When they wrote it down, they spelled it ‘ghaut’. The Golden Lion is a quirky pub, with some wooden tables are decorated with inset old pennies. ‘Golden Lion’ is a popular name, with refers heraldically to Henry 1 and the dukes of Northumberland. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include loud screams and shouts during the night, said to be from a witch trial in the 17th century. The victim was the Witch of Ryedale, with she was tried by Judge Isaac Newton, a relation of Sir Isaac Newton. It is curious that she should have been brought so far over such a mountainous terrain for trial. During the summing up, when people found her guilty, it was discussed as to whether she should hang or burn at the stake. It was decided that it should be burning, ‘Having regard for the decency of the female sex’ commented the judge. Although there is little formal history from this, some witches countrywide were ‘mangled’ to death and their remains burned