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Bagdale Hall Hotel

1 Bagdale, Whitby

More often heard walking on the staircase than seen at the Bagdale Hall, is the ghost of Captain Browne Bushell. Born in 1609, Browne Bushell was an English Civil War naval officer. Early in that war, he had been on the side of the Parliamentarians and captured the Henrietta Marie in Portsmouth Harbour. In 1643, he switched to the Royalist persuasion. However, was later executed for treason and piracy. Bushell had lived at Bagdale Hall, with following his death, returned to haunt the building. One bedroom cleaner saw him as she was making up a bed, with he was dressed in a fine 17th century uniform. He disappeared; so had the sheets from the bed. Other employees have seen his ghost standing in the hall, with reported that he disappears within seconds. The ghosts of children have also been heard playing after midnight, in rooms, which were empty and locked up. There is also much in the way of poltergeist activity with electric lights switching. This is coincidental with a strange shape witnessed, slowly gliding up and down the staircase. Bagdale Hall dates from 1516 for the Conyers, who were at the time one of the most important families in Whitby. It is a fine stone built hotel almost at the town centre.