Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Shropshire

White Lion Inn

3 W Castle St, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

There are many pubs and hotels haunted by ghosts said to be prophets of doom if one casts eyes upon them. The White Lady at the White Lion Inn is one in mind. When she manifests, she is a formless white figure in a gauze gown. Legend is that anyone catching a glimpse of her should prepare himself or herself for an early demise. Another female ghost is in residence. She is somewhat more comforting in appearance. She is usually seen walking across the lounge and up the stairs. Witnesses have said she is wearing a shawl, straw bonnet and carrying a wickerwork basket. From time to time, an elderly man wearing a flat cap, with his dog sitting at his feet, have suddenly manifested. One previous licensee had penny coins appearing on his bar counter each morning, although it had been cleared down the previous night. These coins ranged from1906 to 1920, with clearly had had a great deal of use. A worker, with his head underneath a sink he was plumbing in, was suddenly tapped on the shoulder by a firm hand. He pulled his head out, looked around, with faced an empty kitchen.