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White Horse Inn

The Square, Clun, Shropshire

The pub name, White Horse, has history from the 15th century and, still in use through widespread heraldic use. A sign showing a galloping white horse refers to the House of Hanover, from the accession of George 1 in 1714. Reports maintain the pub may well have history from the Tudor period as an alehouse and stopover for Welsh drovers and their herds of sheep. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include rather nice women, proprietor Mrs Towers, who went missing in the mid-1970s. She was later found dead in one of the bedrooms. A little girl staying here often toddled to the bottom of the stairs and waved her hand at an invisible person. Months later, she confided that there was an elderly woman on that staircase who said ‘Hello’ to her. One legend of the phantom woman on the staircase maintains it is a woman looking for her lost child, imprisoned in one of the bedrooms. The little girl saw another ghost in a room. It was ‘A frightening, scary man’ she said, with described him as hanging from a rope attached to the ceiling. During paranormal research into the pub history, it was discovered the hanging man was probably a previous proprietor, Job Graves, from the 1890s.