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White Hart

4 High Street, Shifnal, Shropshire

Although the White Hart has history from 1620, with is a black and white timber- framed building, the façade is of much more recent origin. Once a coaching inn on the London route, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a little girl with long blonde hair. One proprietor assumed that the appearance was that of his own daughter. He followed her into her bedroom. However, that was empty, with his daughter was elsewhere. On one occasion, the Sealed Knot, a group dedicated to costumed re-enactments of English Civil War battles, gave a display nearby. They visited the White Hart, with two weeks later, there was an extraordinary manifestation. The then proprietor locked up for the night, with saw the ghost of a man in the lounge wearing English Civil War uniform. He described the phantom as having a pointed face, bushy beard, large wide brimmed hat, light blue tunic with a red neckerchief, with a black leather belt across his chest. Almost as soon as the proprietor saw him, the ghost dissolved away.