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Wenlock Edge Inn

Wenlock Edge, Much Wenlock

The legend is that the ghost of Ippiken would arise, with throw such rude people from the rock. The story behind Ippiken is that he had been a robber knight. After plundering, took refuge in a cave. He and his fellow criminals haunt the area still. Nearby is Major’s Leap, named after Major Smallman, an officer during the English Civil War. When he was being pursued by Parliamentarians soldiers, he jumped his horse from Wenlock Edge. He survived. However, the horse expired. However, the ghosts of horse and rider are seen in mid-air over Major’s Leap. The pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a previous customer, a quarryman called Jack. He manifests frequently and says ‘Hello’ to staff and customers. They know Jack has attended as he leaves behind him a strong odour of pipe tobacco.