Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Shropshire

The Talbot Hotel

29 High St, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

With history from 1551, this hotel people called after a breed of hunting dog once used for tracking game during the hunt. This derives from the Talbot family in the 15th century, who bred such dogs, which appear on their coat of arms. In 1449, Henry V1 referred to John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, as ‘Talbott, oure good dogge’. The hotel has a fine façade of black, decorative timber on white, with is a former coaching inn. Underneath the hotel are closed and concealed cellars with a tunnel leading to St Mary’s church. This passageway people used as an escape route by priests and other adherents during times of religious persecution. The tunnel , witnesses report, as being haunted by a number of escapees who had died down there. The hotel exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a ghost , locals knew, as Mary in two bedrooms. Although infrequently seen, she makes her presence felt by sudden and dramatic cold blasts.