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The Horns Inn

Holyhead Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Boningale

Although the village name has a clear meaning, the name of the pub is more obscure. In 1086, Albrighton was Old English Albricstone, the farmstead of a man called Aethelbeorht. Boningale was a nook of land associated with a man called Bola. The pub is from the 18th century, with over the years has gathered quite a retinue of ghosts, apparitions and poltergeists. In the days before dedicated mortuaries, bodies were usually stored in pub cellars where it was cool. The Horns exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a baby who was laid out in that cellar, with is frequently heard crying. Coincidentally, there is a strong odour of perfume, believed to be from the mother of the baby. A useful phantom is the ghost of a cleaner, seen polishing the old copper-topped bar counter. As soon as she is perceived, she looks up, smiles and vanishes. During the 19th century, drovers herding sheep stayed overnight at Albrighton. Two of those men were involved in a fight, which resulted in one being killed. His ghost, dressed in a smock, is still in residence, with , witnesses see, leaning against a mantelpiece in the dining room but headless. Furthermore, there is the ghost of a tweed-coated man standing at the bar, who disappears when an employee goes to serve him. The poltergeists, which plague the pub, are of the types that hide tools and equipment when they are most needed.