Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Shropshire

The Feathers Hotel Ludlow

Bull Ring, Ludlow

What a magnificent facade this old coaching inn has, with described by Nikolaus Pevsner in The Buildings of England as ‘that prodigy of timber framed houses’. More recently, in the New York Times the Feathers was noted as ‘The most handsome inn in the world’. The Feathers Hotel is internationally famous for its beautiful Jacobean architecture and medieval heritage. The building dates from 1619, with now has a First-grade listing. Several persons have seen the ghost of a young woman in modern dress, cross the road to this inn and disappear through the wall. A commercial traveller saw the figure of a young girl in a transparent blouse. She had a short skirt. She walks out of the hotel and disappear into the pavement. He ran inside, white and shaking. It was told, “It’s all right. You have seen a young girl disappear into the pavement. Have a brandy; it is on the house.’’ It now takes a very curious turn. In the early 1980s, a reporter tracked down the ‘ghost’. She was then in her twenties and still alive. She used to visit her aunt, a Mrs. Hughes, who lived near the Feathers. After the aunt died this woman used to visualise herself walking from the Feathers to her aunt’s home and, finally, this became a weird reality. The ghost of an aged Victorian man , witnesses have seen, by staff and guests to walk along a corridor with his dog, with into a bedroom where he disappears. Another bedroom exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a somewhat violent apparition that attacks women guests. One woman was dragged out of bed and soaked in water, whilst her husband slept on peacefully. As far back as 1869, this pub has had a reputation for being haunted. It became so infamous that a large crowd of people gathered outside demanding to see these ghosts. The Manchester Examiner and Echo sent reports to investigate the phenomena. It would appear that the signal for the apparitions to appear was unusual. It would occur when fourteen clocks in the hotel that simultaneously rang out. Coincidentally, the figure of an apparition in black appeared on the main staircase. Cooks and other staff resigned, terrified of the ghostly activities. However, the hotel capitalised on it by promoting it for ghost tourism.