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The Dun Cow

171 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Seen originally in the pub by the wife of a proprietor, this phantom monk , people said, to have bright colours speckled over his habit. A Dutch cavalry officer, executed for murder at the pub, haunts the Dun Cow. This took place during the English Civil War, when Prince Rupert had the inn as his quarters. The Dutch cavalry officer murdered one of the prince’s staff officers. It , authorities hanged, .The original building went up under the command of Roger de Montgomery, first Earl of Shrewsbury in the 12th century. This was to provide accommodation for men working on Shrewsbury Abbey. In 1980, Mrs Hayes, the proprietor’s wife, awoke to see a hooded monk in her bedroom, bent over the cot of her infant daughter. The habit, worn by the ghostly monk, , witnesses describe, as having spots of bright colour on it. The apparition , witnesses saw, by the daughter two years later, with she screamed as she awoke to find him there. The ghostly brother was also seen by Mr Hayes, with numerous visitors have seen shadowy figures passing through walls.