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The Bull Hotel

14 Bull Ring, Ludlow, Shropshire

There has been an inn on this site since the 15th century, with there was a galleried courtyard at the Bull Hotel. There are remains of a 14th century roof in the main building. It was one of the most important coaching inns of Ludlow, now Grade 2nd listed, with the coaching entrance still shows. The name is an ancient and widespread one, with originally referred to a papal bull, the leaden seal attached to the pope’s edicts. It also had another connotation, in nautical terms ‘bull’ referred to a small keg. The pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a servant girl who worked here, with became pregnant by a passing soldier in the 1880s. When she discovered her condition, with had no contact with the father, she gassed herself in her bedroom. The sad creature manifests wearing a long grey dress, with her face has a curious blue tinge. She most frequently appears in the upper part of the Bull Hotel. A child ghost called Gertie, who haunts the pub, was trampled to death at the back of the building by a runaway bullock. A man in a mitre and long habit has been captured on CCTV, praying as he appears near a window.