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Sun Inn


One ghost travelled 12,000 miles to haunt her old home. There cannot be many such ghosts. However, Molly Jones has accomplished that feat to haunt the Sun Inn. She was born Mary Jones in 1762, at a cottage behind the pub, with later worked there as a bedroom servant. In 1785, she married William Morgan, with between them stole linen worth two shillings from the licensee. Both were arrested. However, the husband escaped and she was tried at Shrewsbury. She could have been hanged for stealing. However, this was commuted to transportation to Australia. Molly died there in 1835. However, shortly afterwards, her ghost turned up at the Sun Inn. She manifests in the bedroom she had been locked in before her trial. Rather curiously, she appears as a young woman in Georgian style clothing, rather than the old woman she had become in Australia. One proprietor, who came across her several times, said that frequently he was locked in this room from the outside. He held the ghost of Molly responsible for this, since he was obliged to climb out of a window to escape. Other unidentified phantoms at the Sun Inn have , witnesses saw, vanishing through a wall. There had been a door at this point. However, it was blocked off many years ago.