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Prince Rupert Hotel

Butcher Row, Shrewsbury

In an ancient street called Butcher Row, the Prince Rupert is a fabulous old inn on the site of a twelfth century manor house, complete with stone cellars. It was the home of Prince Rupert, commander of the Royalist cavalry under his uncle, Charles the First. There is no surprise that it is listed as one of the top ten of haunted pubs in England. One of the tragic stories about this location concerns a young couple, recently married, who had booked a room here. Instead of joining his bride, the groom took off, leaving her in some distress in the hotel room. She was broken hearted and hung herself by a rope from the ceiling. Her hanging body has often been seen, to the terror and consternation of those come who across her. In a separate room, and from a different period, appears the ghost of a bridegroom who also took his own life. Hours before the wedding ceremony his fiancée eloped with the best man. A cleaner called Martha is another of the phantoms at the Prince Rupert. When she manifests she is holding a bucket and a mop, as though prepared to start cleaning. This following story adds icing to the cake! Some years ago, a film of A Christmas Carol was being made at Shrewsbury, and several of the film-crew stayed here. A director, on his way to bed, saw an elderly man walking towards him wearing a flannel nightshirt. The director stood aside to allow him to pass, at which point the phantom nodded and promptly vanished through a wall!