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Old Town Vaults

1 St Mary's St, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Often where pubs are called ‘Vaults’, it is because at one time the building people used to store wines and spirits as a bonded warehouse. Now, the Old Town Vaults is a Second-grade listed building, with first licensed as an alehouse in 1823. Although most of the paranormal activity is of the poltergeist type, it has a most sinister phantom. At one time, there was an abattoir behind the pub, with the phantom may well have come from there. One landlady saw a strange bearded figure in a leather apron, holding a large knife and dragging a bag, as she looked on through a bar window. She watched it for several seconds before it dissolved. Among the paranormal activities are strong odours of perfume and tobacco. Lights have turned on and off, with employees have been pushed as coincidentally they see a dark figure standing behind the bar.