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Mytton and Mermaid

Atcham, Shrewsbury

A curious name, with named after a local eccentric ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton, with haunted by him. John ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton died in 1834. He had lived with a pack of 1,000 dogs and 60 cats and drank six bottles of port each day. His only interests were hunting and the ‘mermaids of the village’. Eventually, his money ran out, with he died in a debtors’ prison in 1834. Now, once a year and on his birthday, his ghost appears at this Second-grade listed building with history from 1735. Following his ghostly appearance, his exit is equally dramatic. He jumps from the top of the building. The inn sign is fascinating, as it shows Mad Jack, mounted on his horse with a tankard of ale, with a mermaid appearing from the froth. It is a former coaching inn from the early 19th century, with previously was the Talbot Arms, named after the arms of the earls of Shrewsbury. The building dates from originally in 1735, with in the 1930s was purchased by Sir Clough Williams Ellis, the architect of the fabulous Italianate Portmerion village in Wales. The ‘Mermaid’ part of the hotel name is in the crest of the Portmerion Hotel.