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Hole in the Wall

1 Shoplatch, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

This is a most handsome building. It was rebuilt in 1863. It is a second-grade listed structure. The pub name is curious, as it can refer to holes through which condemned prisoners could speak, debtors’ prisons where food could be passed, or in lepers’ dens where priests could put their hands to bless those inside. Originally, it was part of a manor house and then a pub called The Gullet. When it was a manor house owned, by the Shutt family, Lady Sarah, fell in love with a local youth who visited her there. She was banned from seeing him, locked in her room, with starved herself to death. Frequently, her ghost , witnesses have seen, walking through the pub to the old stables, her previous trysting place. Although a tragic story, those who have seen her describe her as having a happy face.