Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Shropshire

Golden Cross

14 Princess St, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

This is a fabulous town centre inn. It may have been named after the Sacristy of the church of Saint Chad. Here, they kept the vestments and valuable silver plate. A golden cross has not appeared in any heraldry, with other pubs have been named this when built on the site of ancient mints. With history as a building to 1428, it is one of the earliest recorded inns of Shrewsbury. Adjacent to it is a covered walkway from one street to another, with it is here that one of the pub ghosts has been witnessed. Licensees and individuals staying here have heard the sound of someone working with a broom from one end to the other, in the early hours of the morning. One proprietor waited up until he heard the sound and ran out, to find no one there. A young air force officer shot himself and died in one bedroom. Occasionally, there is the sound of a muffled gunshot from that room, with the temperature drops dramatically. Even when no children are present, there are sounds of boys and girls running and screaming along corridors. Legend has it that the young ones were burned to death here many years ago. Some pubs have experienced curious odours without explanation for them. Usually it is perfume or flowers. However, at the Golden Cross, it is that of liniment.