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The village name may well have its origins in pre-British times. It was Odenet in 1086, a pleasant valley. The Bear is a 16th century former coaching inn. The ghost that haunts the Bear now has a lounge named after him, Jasper’s Bar. It is not certain that Jasper would appreciate the irony of this, as he had been thrown out to die on a cold winter night. Jasper was a man from an undefined period who stayed here and bought rounds of drinks and splendid suppers at the pub. When he was down on his luck, he went to the Bear, with the proprietor refused him shelter and threw him out. Later, that same night, the cruel proprietor lurched into the bar clutching his throat, with dropped dead. Medical opinion was that he had died from extreme shock. The following day, Jasper’s body someone found in a hedgerow, frozen to death. The view was that the ghost of Jasper had returned and got his revenge on the mean licensee. The ghost of Jasper appears still. He , witnesses describe, as a well-dressed man of a jovial nature.