Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in York

York Arms

26 High Petergate, York, North Yorkshire

This inner city pub, opposite the Minster, has the smallest bar in York, with perhaps in the county. A grey woman haunts it, a nun who had been walled up when it had been religious building. She gave birth to a child. It was punished for transgressing the law on celibacy. For breaking this religious rule, the usual punishment was to be bricked up and left to die. Another account is that the nun had had a vision of an angel, with told her superiors of this spiritual appearance. When they refused to believe her, she died of a broken heart. During manifestations, items soar about rooms of the pub, with stools overturn as the ghost-nun searches for her lost baby. One proprietor, who saw the phantom while he was painting, threw a brush at her. He later reported that she had sneered as the brush went through her. For no apparent reason, doors open and close with no one nearby. On the road outside the York Arms, children have reported seeing adults being narrowly missed by a phantom cyclist. He is wearing old-fashioned clothing, with riding an outdated bicycle. The adults, who had been with the children at the time, said they had seen nothing.