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Whippet Inn

15 North Street, York, North Yorkshire

At three am on one occasion, men were working on renovation at the Yorkshire Hussar when they saw a black figure in a cape appear. This apparition stared at them intently, with then disappeared into a solid wall. When they stripped away wallpaper from that wall, they found a door, which had been hidden away for many years. Subsequently, there was paranormal activity in the main bar. Although no one was visible, stools overturned and glasses shot off the bar to smash on the floor. It someone named after the Hussars, which were originally a body of light equestrians raised in Hungary in the 15th century. The word was later used for light cavalry regiments, such as the Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own), which was involved in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava. Witnesses have seen a shadowy shape in this hostelry, with cape around its neck.