Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in York

The Punchbowl

7 Stonegate, York, North Yorkshire

Punch was established as an alcoholic drink in the 1630s. Originally, it was a sailor’s beverage made from five ingredients. This was mixed together in a large bowl and pubs, which sold it, called their pubs Punchbowl. A proprietor, who burnt to death in a fire, haunts one of the bedrooms and the cellar of this pub. Locals call him Bill, standing six feet four inches tall, who had died in a cellar only five feet high. One account of Bill’s haunting the Punchbowl tells of him standing up in the cellar with his head floating above the bar room floor. At one time, it had been a house of ill repute, with a customer strangled one of the women working here. She is also still in residence as a ghost. It is further haunted by a woman who died in unrequited love, with left a sad note explaining her actions. An employee once said, "we have a couple of ghosts, one is a young girl called Isabella and another which is an old landlord who was killed in a fire."