Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in York

Golden Fleece

16 Pavement, York, North Yorkshire

A short distance from the famous Shambles of York is the Golden Fleece, one of the oldest former coaching pubs in the city. One of the first references to the Golden Fleece pub is in the York Archives of 1503. It then belonged to the Merchant Adventurers, who were responsible for the highly important wool trade of the time, based on the River Ouse. Part of the inn someone named after Lady Alice Peckett, whose hubs. It was John, Lord Mayor of York. He owned the inn about 1702. The ghost of Alice Peckett, witnesses have seen, wandering along corridors and staircases in the early hours of the morning. There, people say, to be five other ghosts in the building, which was a wooden frame structure without foundations. ‘One-Eyed Jack’ is the ghost that haunts the lower bar, with, observers describe, as wearing a 16th-17th-century red coat, with carrying a pistol. This bar is also haunted by what, observers describe, as a miserable old man sitting in an alcove. A sad ghost haunts the upper bar. He is a lad from the Victorian era who had been killed in an accident when a brewer’s dray ran over him. St Catherine’s Room exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a phantom woman dressed in black. At the end of the Second World War, a Canadian pilot fell from an upstairs window to the pavement where he expired. Since then, he has been haunting the bedroom that he had occupied.