Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Sheffield

Carbrook Hall

537 Attercliffe Common, Carbrook, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

In 1640, Oliver Cromwell held Parliamentary meetings here when it was owned by Col. John Blunt. Blunt is one of the several ghosts still in residence, with , witnesses have seen, wearing Puritan dress. Another Parliamentarian, wearing a black cap and high white collar, has been observed in the bar. An aged woman in mobcap and early 1920s clothing has been witnessed sitting in a rocking chair. One proprietor saw the stocky figure of a man wearing heavy clothing, who appeared at the top of the stairs as the proprietor was ascending. The licensee moved aside for the figure to pass, with he felt it brush his arm. He reported later that it had been such an eerie feeling; his hair had stood on end. The apparition reached the bottom of the stairs and vanished. In 1982, a new ghost appeared. This was a figure dressed in cowl and black habit, probably not surprising, as there had been a monastery on part of this site. Doors at the inn have opened with no one nearby, with accompanied by a drop in temperature. Several women have been locked in the women’s toilets by some mischievous spirit. A carving over the fireplace shows a nun, who had fallen from grace and grown a long tail for her wickedness; Other ghosts reported here include the sounds of children, an elderly woman from the 1920s, a phantom Roundhead, a monk, with another shadowy figure who throws objects around the bar.