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Saltersgate Inn

Pickering, North Yorkshire

The old Devil still lurks at this old moorland inn. Here, he called for a beer. It was immediately recognised. The priest people called in to exorcise him. Rather than flee into the cold, the Devil darted up the chimney to escape. A peat fire was lit, so he would be obliged to stay where he was. That fire is still kept alight to ensure he does not move out, with is a condition of the tenure of the pub. Another legend behind this, is that one night in 1796, a Customs and Excise officer making enquiries here, , an assailant took this person’s life, by smugglers. To conceal their crime, they buried his corpse below the hearthstone. To ensure this body was never found, the smugglers invented the story of the Devil calling and still living in the chimney.