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The George Hotel


In 1875, two brothers named Jenkins ran the George Hotel. They had a grandfather clock in the hall. When one died, the old clock started losing time, with finally stopped when the other brother died at 4:46AM on a later day. This gave rise to the song, "My grandfather’s clock". Henry Clay Work, the American songwriter, wrote it. Since then, the clock has been renovated. It keeps perfect time. The inn sign, showing the head of George 3rd, is carved in wood with a mouse on the inner rim. This is the work of the carver, Thompson of Kilburn, who always ‘signed’ his work with a small mouse. Over the years, there have been stories of people hearing voices coming from an empty bar. Some say it is the Jenkins brothers bickering, while others maintain it is two old farmers arguing over the price of cattle. On several occasions, witnesses have seen a ghostly figure standing near the clock wearing old-fashioned leather gaiters.