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Tan Hill Inn

Keld, Reeth, Richmond, North Yorkshire

This is the highest pub in Great Britain at 1,723 feet above sea level. The ghost at the Tan Hill is a former proprietor, Mrs Peacock, who was licensee for 40 years. She appears when alterations are being made to ensure they are being suitably conducted. Because of its isolated position, numerous travellers caught in snow have sheltered there, sometimes for days. It has also been used as a temporary mortuary when bodies were brought in from the moors, having frozen to death. Reports maintain that several of these unfortunate individuals are still residence as ghosts. At Sturfitt Hall, some distance away, a fairy ghost took up residence. It appears to have been a somewhat querulous phantom, with grossly insulted when the owner offered a new suit of clothing. In a fit of temper, the fairy ghost walked out.