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George Hotel

1 Parkside, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

This is a most extraordinary coincidence. In 1960s, the story of the haunted George was that of a previous proprietor who wanted to be buried in a coffin filled with beer. However, when he died the family defied his wishes, with refused his last request. His ghost now haunts the building, searching for his missing ale. Many years ago, a farmhouse in the village was haunted by an old woman, before being exorcised by three parsons. They are a strange lot in Cleckheaton, as will be shown by this account. The coffin was laid on top of the bar counter, with everyone had to have a drink over it. She opened a door and led us into a darkened room. This youth leaned on what he thought was a sideboard and, as she opened the curtains, the coffin crashed to the ground, pitching the dead man out of it. ‘Bloody heck’ she cried, ‘what will the funeral people think of this little lot?’