Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Kingston upon Hull City

Ye Olde White Harte

25 Silver Street, Hull, North Humberside, Yorkshire and the Humber

This pub putatively keeps the skull of a woman called Freda behind the bar. There are many stories of skulls, which scream if they are removed from their appropriate place, with this is one of them. However, this pub, with history from the 14th century, has many ghost stories. There is a marvellous staircase leading from the bars to the upper rooms. It was in one of these rooms, , locals knew, as the Plotting Parlour, that a plan to bar Charles 1st from Hull was hatched. This was part of countrywide incidents. It led to the English Civil War. The staircase exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a Blue Lady, who appears to be lost. This manifestation may have been triggered by a fire in 1809, when the daughter of the then proprietor, John Clarkson, was burned to death. witnesses see her, by staff members, appearing as a blue mist and floating down the staircase. This phantom then dissolves, with disappears into the Plotting Parlour. Other manifestations include a young man in a white shirt with frilled collar; a woman in a black Victorian dress appearing in a bedroom and walking through an occupant; and a man in a black cloak wearing a gold coloured mask. There is also much in the way of poltergeist activity.