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George Hotel

Land of Green Ginger, Hull

A fine town hotel from the Georgian period, it was at one time a two storeyed building named for Prince George of Denmark, who had married Queen Anne. It does get somewhat confusing here, as there was a pub called the George in the Land of Green Ginger (a road behind the present George Hotel). The George Hotel may have been built on the site of a manor house or grand home for a Hull merchant. There is some evidence the original building was erected in 1537, judged from a sculptured keystone in the arches. In 1891, the stables were taken out because of the loss of the stagecoach traffic. It is in this area that several ghosts and apparitions have , witnesses saw, and These have been described as wearing the type of clothing worn by ostlers and stable grooms. However, there is no precise history behind the legends. The top floor exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a maidservant or kitchen maid who died when this part people used for the servants’ quarters. The Land of Green Ginger is also, where the world's smallest window is found. People used it by the gatekeeper of the George Hotel as a viewpoint for stagecoaches and travelling customers.