Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Riding of Yorkshire

The Wheatsheaf

83 Hailgate, Howden, Goole, North Humberside, Yorkshire and the Humber

There are Photographs of apparitions in the act of haunting are rare. However, one has actually appeared in an image taken at this village pub. It is a 17th century building, with stands near the one thousand years old Howden Minster. The shape of a ghost was photographed by a local journalist. The image shows what appears to be part of the left shoulder and arm of a white clad person. This indicates the ghost could have been a Cistercian monk at Howden Minster. They were called ‘White Monks’ because they wore white habits, over which a black scapular was worn. A scapular was a monastic short coat covering the shoulders.