Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Riding of Yorkshire

Old Star

Church Street, Kilham, Driffield

A rather square, solid looking building with old-fashioned window shutters, the Old Star has history from 1421. There are ancient tunnels running below to the church, which have not been used for many years. However, it is believed that several apparitions manifest from those tunnels. Frequently, the ghost of an elderly man appears at a table, as though waiting to be served. The moment anyone goes nearby, he dissolves into a grey mist. One proprietor said that at least one ghost has followed him upstairs to his flat, with pushes at him as he tries to rest on his bed. After several of these incidents, he jumped up and shouted, ‘That’s it. I have had enough’. Suddenly, all was peace and quiet. A paranormal investigative team established that there was the ghostly odour of lavender in the bar. In addition, reporter say there was the ghost of a man arguing since he had been given the wrong change. This ghost maintained he was waiting for another man, with would not leave until that person arrived.