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The Green Tree

Tudworth Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

A previous instructing inn in excess of four centuries old, the Green Tree is on the old guiding course from York to London. The inhabitant indwell here is a Parliamentarian officer, who was staying at the inn after a most undignified defeat of Cavaliers at Marston Moor. Amid this experience, the fight took nearly 4,000 of the lord's men. At the point when a troop of the Royalist warriors landed at this pub, they discovered the Roundhead established in that. With their blood boiling over from the battle, they instantly noosed him and hanged him from a shaft in the pub. His phantom has been in habitation here since. A kid of around seven, witnesses wearing an Eton style neckline and coat additionally frequents this Green Tree. Individuals have guaranteed the chap to die in 1825. It was in tragic circumstances. Locals used to tug on people groups' arms and hands.