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The Running Man

Pellon Lane, Halifax, West Yorkshire

The pub people called after a man, John Lacey, who managed to escape the town's guillotine by running away. Although he was later arrested for another offence and beheaded anyway. That decapitated criminal , witnesses report, to be haunting this inn. When he manifests, Reports claim that to be wearing dark clothing, which is in sharp detail whilst his head and face are grey and indistinct. The Halifax Gibbet was the forerunner of the guillotine. The principle of the machine was a sharp-bladed instrument being pre-set on a wooden structure and then dropped some distance onto a condemned person’s neck. The first recorded use of the Halifax Gibbet was in 1286 when John of Dalton the authorities executed. The Halifax Gibbet was last used in 1650. The first recorded use of what locals knew it as the ‘guillotine’ was in France in 1789.