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The Great House

Westgate, Elland, West Yorkshire

Once , locals knew, as The Fleece, the pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a most extraordinary ghost , locals knew, as Leathery Coit. With history from 1745, with the proprietor George Readyhough, it provided beer for 3,000 soldiers under the command of General Oglethorpe. At the time, the army was marching against Bonnie Prince Charlie following the Scottish uprising. One former guest here was Joachim Von Ribbentrop, recorded in the guestbook during the 1920s when he was employed as a travelling wine sales clerk. This was some years prior to his more infamous career as the Nazi Party’s Foreign Minister. The Great House dates from about 1610. However, before it was converted to an inn, a Nonconformist congregation gathered here called the ‘Thumpers’. They believed in praising God through jumping up and down whilst they also prayed. This activity shook the floor so much that a chair in the room leapt around along with the pious devotees. Years after that the sect had departed, that chair still bounded around of its own volition. A man caught cheating during a business transaction was pursued back to this inn and murdered. Despite strenuous efforts to clean it, his blood left a stain on a staircase. This could not be removed until some workers smashed out the flight of stairs. This happened during renovation in the 1980s. It is further haunted by Leathery Coit, a headless phantom wearing a distressed leather coat, frequently seen driving headless horses into Elland and return to the Great House.