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Dirty Dicks

1 Clare Road, Halifax

The original ‘Dirty Dick’ was the 18th century Richard Bentley, who owned a hardware store at Leadenhall Street and a pub at Bishopsgate, London. He was a most fashionable man, until his bride-to-be died on the eve of their wedding. From that moment, he went into decline, became a recluse and allowed filth and rubbish to accumulate around him. He owned a London pub called the Old Jerusalem. Later this pub was taken over, recreated as Bentley had left his own place with cobwebs, dead cats, with capitalised on this legend. The Halifax Dirty Dicks is so haunted that on several occasions, a local paranormal group has investigated. They maintain the ghosts include a little girl who fell into a coal fire and died from her burns many years ago. A more modern couple, a man and a woman, have seen been waiting in a bar to be served. The moment anyone speaks to them, they dissolve and disappear. During the night, the pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include anomalous lights and heavy breathing sounds.