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The Black Bull

119 Main St, Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire

It is uncertain when this inn dates from and However, it was once a staging post for coaches between Bradford and Colne in Lancashire. Over the years, there have been strange occurrences at the pub where Branwell Bronte was a regular customer. Residents have reported footsteps following them up to their rooms and sounds of weeping. Although, when listeners turn around, no other person is visible. One ghost haunting this pub, observers describe, by many observers. He closely resembles Branwell Bronte. They maintain he has dishevelled red hair and a wild look in his eyes. Branwell Brontë was the fourth of six children and the only son of Patrick Bronte and brother of the famous Bronte sisters. Whilst he was a tutor, he, people said, to have had an affair with his employer’s wife and dismissed from his post. He became an alcoholic. He also became addicted to laudanum. Bronte’s behaviour became more irrational and dangerous as he developed delirium tremens.