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Old Silent Inn

Old Silent Inn, Stanbury

Legend has it that when Bonnie Prince Charlie was retreating to Scotland, he stayed at this inn, which was then called the Eagle. The local inhabitants remained silent about his presence, with thus it adopted its present name. Over a century ago, a proprietor at the pub fed the wild cats, with called them to her door by ringing a bell. Even today, her ghostly clanging , one may hear, around the pub and across the moors. That is accompanied by the noisy sound of invisible hungry feline ghosts. There have also been sightings of a large man with a travelling bag over his shoulder, walking up the stairs of the inn. At the top, he hesitates, looks around and then vanishes. One night a pair of residents awakened when their bedroom began to shake, with a glass pot flew across the room to collide into the opposite wall. They went to the manager, with together they all witnessed a painting moving about on the wall. Coincidentally, the curtains began opening and closing of their own accord, with no one visible to rearrange them.