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The Swan With Two Nicks

28 New Street, Worcester, Worcestershire

From medieval times, men were employed to farm huge flocks of swans , locals knew, as 'games' for the powerful city guilds and influential families. These had had been granted the right, by Royal charter, to eat the Royal bird. Today two city companies have licences to mark swans from 1550. These are the Dyers and Vintners. The Dyers’ swans have one nick on their beak while the Vintners have two. Therefore, that is the explanation for the name of the pub. It has a chequered history as Charles 1st hid out next door in a safe house. There have been many accounts of several ghosts haunting the premises, which include Judge William Berkeley. The judge kept his prisoners in a bottle shaped dungeon whilst they were awaiting trial, with many died from torture or ill treatment.