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The Anchor Inn

Warwick Road, Leek Wootton, Warwick, Warwickshire

It is a nice, early Victorian pub with outstanding windows and a pub that houses a rare ghost. There are few accounts or legends of looting or body robbing on the battlefields of the English Civil War, although it certainly took place. In 1642, the Battle of Edgehill was fought between the Parliamentarians and Royalists. Many of the troops, on either side, were experienced in battle, with when the cannonades started, both armies broke up in confusion. Many fled. However, others remained behind to plunder from the baggage trains and their fallen comrades. A proprietor of this pub was at the battle, with took part in looting the dead. Authorities arrested him, questioned and stood trial. During his tribunal, he so blatantly and frequently lied; the Devil came and carried him down to hell. The ghost of that proprietor remained behind, with he is haunting the Anchor Inn still. During the night, there are loud, heavy groans and the shape of a largely built man in 17th century grey clothing is perceived. The ghost of that previous proprietor is ponderous in his pacing across a room. His apparition does not so much disappear as expire.