Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Telford and Wrekin

Grove Inn

10 Wellington Road, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, Ironbridge Gorge

Often the pub name Grove has pagan origins when lines of trees were revered as communicators with the old gods. The Grove Inn is a compact, early Victorian pub, with large Georgian style windows. In the 18th century, Coalbrookdale was a Quaker stronghold and they were at the heart of the iron industry. One of those Quakers has taken up residence at the Grove as the pub ghost. Over the years, during the day and night, he has manifested wearing a Quaker hat and a long coat. One proprietor, who called him ‘Percy’, said that occasionally he would appear behind her. If she turned around, he would flow through her. Coincidentally with Percy’s appearance, the temperature drops dramatically. The pub is also haunted by a small child, crying in the night, with some residents have awoken to find the phantom of an infant staring at them.