Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Telford and Wrekin

Boat Inn

The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Jackfield

This is one gorgeous, little, stone built pub. It is home to a phantom that has frequently appeared at licensed establishments since medieval times. It is None other than Old Nick, the Devil himself. There are many stories of this demon appearing but, always when he does, he is discovered and sent packing by mere mortals. Usually he is exposed when he puts a glass of beer to his lips. Here, the liquid begins to steam. At other times, it is through the sight of his cloven feet. Now, the Devil appeared at the Boat Inn one day, with inveigled local men into a game of cards. One sharp-eyed man pointed out that this card payer had cloven feet. They all leapt up, denounced him and the Devil fled. That is all. However, one man who assumed the Devil had come for him, collapsed and died. That poor man is still in residence as a ghost at this pub. In the 1960s, the young daughter of the then proprietor died, with now she appears as a phantom, usually to young male members of staff. Some proprietors have heard strange sounds, as though someone is climbing from an old-fashioned and creaking bed. This incident is followed by the sounds of heavy breathing and the noise of boots clumping on the bedroom floor at six am. Licensees have described this as quite disconcerting. Furthermore, there have been the sounds of excited children running up and down and giggling. Appropriately, this is around Christmas time.