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The Rose and Crown

Ratley, Banbury, Oxfordshire

There is some history. This pub opened in 1098 as an alehouse. It is a most attractive building of stone on three storeys, with some unusual chimneys set into the roofline. The Rose and Crown now has a First-grade listing as a protected building. Inside is a huge inglenook fireplace where a Roundhead soldier from the Battle of Edgehill, the first battle in the English Civil War, someone found concealing himself. He was taken out and beheaded and is one of the two ghosts that haunt the bars. The other , people have claimed, to be an old farmer or agricultural worker in early Victorian clothing, with a pull down hat and gaiters. The inn sign is a shield shaped metal piece with the date 1098 inscribed upon it. In 1086, this was Old English Roteli, a clearing with tree roots or the clearing of a man called Rota.