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Ettington Park Hotel

Stratford-Upon-Avon, Ettington

There are so many ghosts at this fabulous hotel; it is hard to know where to begin. Even its external appearance suggests ghosts and phantoms, with the hotel people used in the original film of The Haunting. A servant girl, of many years ago, rejected the advances of a local squire, with mysteriously fell to her death down a main staircase. Her ghost , witnesses see, on that staircase. It is also seen in the Oak Room restaurant. Another woman, dressed in a long white dress manifests along the terrace. Two children , listeners hear, crying, with then two small phantoms are seen running towards the river that flows past. They , people say, to be the ghosts of two children who drowned in the River Stour in 1800. Often seen are a man and his dog walking across the reception area, only to disappear through a closed door into the library. In the Great Drawing Room, there have been the sounds of women talking with background music although no one is there when the door is opened. On other occasions, a woman dressed in Edwardian style with bare feet, appears in the same room, only to disappear when noticed. In the Long Gallery, many individuals have reported the sensation of being watched by an invisible presence. There is some evidence that a man was stabbed to death in that gallery and is still in residence as a ghost. John Prichard, the original architect of this fabulous building, is also said to haunt a corridor outside the Long Gallery.