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The Swan Hotel

46-46A Greengate Street, Stafford

With a pleasant Georgian façade, the four centuries old Swan Hotel is now Second-grade listed. At one time, there were secret passages between the hotel and St Mary’s church and Stafford Castle. These were used by priests and adherents escaping during times of religious persecution. There is a priest hole at the hotel, with when this was excavated some years ago, bones and ancient bottles , people found, and Many individuals who hid out in the tunnels died in them, with their ghosts haunt them still. During the period of witch-hunting throughout England, many old women were tried and later executed. There was a pool nearby where they faced the ordeal by water, with spectres of those unfortunate women have been witnessed. Over the years, there have been reports of the White Lady that haunts the Swan Hotel. She manifests in bedrooms and staff and residents have awoken to find her bending over them.