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The Whittington Inn

Whittington, Kinver, Stourbridge, West Midlands

This is a 14th century building. It was once the home of Sir Richard Whittington, thrice Mayor of the City of London. He is reputed to haunt the building, wearing mayoral finery. It is also haunted by Lady Jane Grey, who spent time here as a child. She was Queen of England for only a few days until arrested and executed by Mary Tudor, the legal claimant. On one occasion, an employee took a bullmastiff to his room, with some ghostly nocturnal visitor terrified the beast out of its mind. One guest awoke here to find that someone or something was pushing down on his legs. Then this pressure was moved up to his throat, with he was unable to move or scream. Gradually the pressure gave up on him, with the guest fled from the room. Another man lashed out at a ghostly figure bending over him, with punched his fist hard into a wall. A mysterious altar someone found in the attic above that room. There is also the legend of the cowled monk, who makes frequent appearances from when it was a manor house.