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The Crooked House

Coppice Mill, Himley, Dudley, West Midlands

The real name for this eccentric pub is the Glynne Arms. However, over the past century it has become , locals knew, as the Crooked House. It is in a coal mining area, with the ground beneath has subsided considerably since The building dates from and This has twisted the building, with the most curious effects have occurred. There are a number of ghosts and apparitions haunting the Crooked House, with some of them are of a violent disposition. When it was investigated by a paranormal team, one woman saw a child’s hand rise up in front of her. Two male ghosts manifest outside, an elderly man and a younger man. This young man pushed one of the investigators quite brutally. In one room, reports heard ghostly sounds of singing and music. A woman prepared to sit in one chair in that room, with a voice was heard shouting, ‘Don’t sit there. It is someone else’s chair’. Mysterious white shapes appear in front of motorists as they drive in, with dark figures are frequently seen in the bar.