Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rugby

The Sheaf and Sickle

Coventry Rd, Long Lawford, Rugby, Warwickshire

In years long gone, corn was cut by sickle and gathered together in a sheaf. This combination would make an inn sign that would be easily understood by anyone at that time. When twelve clergymen, experienced in exorcism, were commanded to make a local investigation under church law, they stayed at this inn. One of them died in the Sheaf and Sickle. It is witnessed as a phantom, making a regular appearance. His ghost is dressed in the 18th century clerical style of dress. Recently, a man staying at the Sheaf, suddenly awoke, with heard sounds of a merry party in the bar. He went down to join in, with opened the door. The room was empty and all the sounds had stopped.