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Brownsover Hall

Brownsover Lane, Old Brownsover, Rugby

This vast Victorian edifice exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a bizarre apparition. For the past two centuries, a phantom coach with six horses and a headless driver has driven through the town and pulled up outside this present building. In 1755, local citizens were so concerned about this, they called in a number of clergy to deal with it and exorcise it. One of the reverend men said that he had resolved the problem. He had seized the ghost of the coach driver, sealed it in a bottle and dropped it in a local mere. Mission accomplished. However, when the investigating men left, it was only a few days before this ghostly driver, with team of six made another appearance. They have been with us since. At the time of Queen Elizabeth, one member of the Broughton-Leigh family, who had his hand judicially severed, haunts the building still. At one time, a wood panel in the old library showed the image of his bloody hand